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Monday, May 18, 2009

Justin over an Minyanville sent me a link to this clip and I've decided (perhaps against my better judgment given the number of Detroit readers I have) to embed the video here.

Now, I want to make a couple of things clear. The Detroit of today is not the Detroit of yesterday and no I'm not talking about downtown which is sadly an entirely different story. I'm talking about American cars in general and the fact that they have immensely improved. I recommend many Ford and GM vehicles to friends and family without fear of retribution once they have placed these vehicles in their driveway.

However, every now and then we have to have fun and let's face it Chrysler and Fiat have both had quality woes. One does have to wonder at least a little bit how well these new models are going to hold together. Of course, this video highlights the worst of the worst, but it's all in good fun.

For the record, I was and still am in favor of a Chrysler/Fiat union.

Okay, enough disclaimers, let's all have a laugh.

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