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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nissan: Chrysler Pickup Deal Too Good To Pass Up

As you might recall, Chrysler and Nissan had a bit of a "bromance" going on last year. Nissan was going to build a small car for Chrysler and in return Chrysler would manufacture the replacement for Nissan's slow selling Titan pickup.

Shortly thereafter, Chicken Little headed for his bomb shelter and the entire automotive universe began to slowly be devoured by a black hold so big, no one could escape its pull. Suddenly, the relationship was put on hold.

Now the small car alliance is probably toast for ever and ever. Why would Chrysler need any more small cars once Fiat enters the game? The truck side of things is completely different. Nissan is reconfiguring its plants and plans a big push into commercial light vehicles and let's face it Chrysler's facilities aren't running anywhere near capacity. So, it's looks like it will still be "Game on" for a Nissan badged, Chrysler made pickup truck.

According to Automotive News, Nissan is very much committed to the plan and has recently signed off on the design of the truck. That's pretty good news for everyone involved. The Ram is one of the few stars left in the sky for Chrysler and Nissan's current Titan never found its footing despite and tremendous round of applause from testers.

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