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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Forcheap? smart offers financing deal on fortwo

When the smart first arrived in the U.S., the demand was such that some early reservationists were earning thousands by flipping their cars on eBay. If you wanted a smart, you paid big bucks or waited in line.

Fast forward to 2009 where smart USA has created a 'smart express' program to handle orphaned cars and is now offering 4.2% financing to boost sales.

The fortwo has always struck me as an "extreme niche" vehicle. It's cute and has personality galore, but it also carries a lot of baggage--but yet lacks the ability to carry luggage, what cruel irony. What is this baggage I speak of? There is the clunky transmission (somewhat better for 2009), a 24 month warranty instead of the usual 36 and let's not forget it can only carry two people.

So is 4.2% enough rope in those buyers?

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