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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ford Fiesta Movement May update: Fiestas-A-Go-Go

WooHoo, a free car! Fiesta agents get some training in Seattle

Ford recently sent out a May Fiesta Movement mission recap. It highlights the best missions and videos from the past month. Last month Fiesta Movement May missions took agents searching for Bigfoot, visiting Mount St. Helens and driving a Fiesta until the gas tank was empty. Agents traveled 245,558 miles across the country, with one agent racking up 11,700 miles on his Ford Fiesta. Nearly 5,500 consumers have test driven a Fiesta in May through the Fiesta Movement’s test drive tour, which is scheduled to visit at least 100 cities through December.

Agent Joe P. was tasked with filling up the gas tank of his Fiesta and driving until he runs out of gas, Joe made an adventure out of his mission. To make it even more of a challenge, Joe couldn’t drive the same road twice so he could see how far he could get – or how close he could stay. Check out the video by clicking here.

The world of technology is the next mission theme for Fiesta Movement agents. In June, the agents will visit places few outsiders have been, with an inside look at the happenings of some of the hottest technology names such as Pandora and Twitter. Throughout the month and after its completion, followers can keep up with agent activity on the live feed on the Fiesta Movement .

I have my own person recommendation for a Fiesta Movement mission. A 1,000 mile road trip (or longer if they dare) where the agent and friends are only allowed to eat food with the word Fiesta in it, such as "Fiesta Taco Salad" and "Fiesta Burrito." They may want to run that mission towards the end of the program because God only knows how the car is going to smell! BTW Ford, I am not volunteering for any such mission myself.

Just starting in May and running through December, five regional test drive teams representing the Fiesta Movement will travel across the country to engage consumers with the opportunity to test drive a European-specification Fiesta.

The month of May has generated the following stats for test drives:
• 5,486 total test drives
• 42,247 total miles driven

The teams will visit at least 100 cities over the eight months, with a goal of 100,000 test drives overall. Stops will be in small towns and big cities, as well as at major and regional events and festivals. Information about drive stops, including monthly calendars, is available on under the “Test Drive” section. Visitors to the site also can sign up to receive test drive updates, as they become available.

The 2011 Fiesta will be available for purchase starting in the Summer of 2010. Also showing up around the same time next year is the A-Team movie. Perfect combo?

For more info: Check out the Fiesta Movement or visit the 2011 Fiesta's website.
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