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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Is Fiat and Chrysler merger a shotgun wedding?

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Fiat ignoring requests for more information and trying to change terms at the last minute. Opposing lawyers being referred to as terrorists. The Treasury being accused of acting as if it were God. Truly awful spelling in e-mails, such as "squirely" and "gueni pigs."

What's all this drama about? Apparently the events leading up to Chrysler's bankruptcy were quite tumultuous and there was considerable ill will between all parties involved. Certainly any rushed deal of such proportions as this one is going to ruffle some feathers, but this WSJ article does raise some troubling questions. The article can be difficult to follow at times, given how many individuals are involved, but it is still worthy of your time.

PLEASE NOTE!!! The WSJ's content usually requires subscriber access. However, if you perform a Google News search for a WSJ article, you can usually gain full access because of a content sharing agreement between the two companies. Click here for a pre-formatted search that should work for the article above.

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