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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prius not enough? Take a tour of the Lexus HS 250h

2010 Lexus HS 250h

"They don't want people sitting inside the car, sir." So was my introduction to the new Lexus dedicated hybrid the HS 250h. Could they have gotten more h's in the name? Jeesh.

All kidding aside, the representative at the Detroit show was a nice enough guy. For some reason he didn't turn off the the motorized turntable display, so both the car and myself were spinning around like a Ronco Showtime rotisserie oven. To make matters worse, someone did a face plant on a similar rotating stage across the hall and made a loud thump. I didn't want to suffer the same fate, so I toddled along the side of the car like I was either new to my feet or eight drinks into things.

What did I think of the car? Well, I prefer a hatch to a trunk because you lose a lot of the car's functionality. I also happen to think the HS looks like a gussied up Corolla (which it isn't). The interior is classy, just what you'd expect from a Lexus. I have tried out the navigation system's controller, called Remote Touch, and it is quite intuitive to use.

I'm sure that the HS will attract buyers who either don't want to drive a "low-rent" hatch or are more comfortable in a Lexus showroom. Toyota has prepared a YouTube clip explaining some of the features of the HS 250h. Watch for Hollow Man's wife to make an appearance. Enjoy!

For more info: Visit Lexus' website.

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