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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ford interviewed by 'a Lexus'

Yes, folks, I played a little trick with the headline. Bill Ford Jr is interviewed by Alexis (not a Lexus) Glick of Fox News channel. We don't get any shocking revelations here, but Ford is certainly has the upper hand on his hometown competition when it comes to public perception and it shows in his interviews.

Ford talks about his current ride, a 2010 Taurus, and his hopes for a more certain future for gasoline prices. Ford also reiteratives the belief that his company has enough liquidity to ride out this economic maelstrom.

Ford has made a commitment to being a fuel economy leader in every segment in which it competes. In each interview that I have had with Ford staff, fuel economy is always on the tip of their tongue. If Ford can continue work its magic with EcoBoost, PowerShift and fledgling technology like the ethanol boosting Bobcat engine then things certainly look bright.

As covered in many previous posts, Ford has the Fiesta arriving next year and a new Focus will be appearing shortly as well. Both of these cars promise to be attractive, fuel efficient and sporty. My concern for Ford is its Lincoln division (Mercury is a non-starter right now). I simply have not seen any stand out models from that division as of late and that's a crime because the RWD LS showed such promise. The FWD/AWD MKZ has never properly replaced the LS and I find the brand's signature bow-wave grille to be heavy handed.

Enjoy the interview!

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