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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grab a martini and escape from Cash for Clunkers! Vintage automotive advertisements

Something is missing from today's ads compared to the past.

Yesterday this author was bemoaning the fact that Kia has chosen not to use its hamsters in future commercials. I loved the Kia Soul commercial so much that I had to write an article about it.

I have been critical of some ads, such as Acura's TSX debacle and supportive of new ventures such as Ford's Fiesta Movement. However, I really got a little teary-eyed when Jim Norris retweeted a link to Well Medicated's " 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements" post. This is Mad Men quality stuff in the gallery (click link to enjoy). I can almost hear Don Draper's voice right now!

Somehow, even when I look at the best of the best from today's agencies, there was a certain magic captured by these advertisements that I'm not sure we can ever recapture. Companies were confident and boastful and we believed them. Today I think we are far too cynical to fall for such prose (well, perhaps ED medications are the exception to that).

For more info: Enjoy the gallery and if you like what you see, consider checking out Well Medicated's post.

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