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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hello kitty! 2010 Jaguar XJ photos hit the Internet

2010 Jaguar XJ is one sleek cat!

Here are the first official images of the 2010 Jaguar XJ.

This XJ will replace the classic, but long in the tooth current model. While the current XJ sported a lot of weight saving aluminum, buyers were unimpressed with the very familiar looks of the car.

I loved the classic XJ's appearance, but over time its understandable that buyers want something completely new and fresh. The new XJ promises "new and fresh" in spades with a sleek, taut skin that improves upon the XF's somewhat muddled mug.

Elle MacPherson lights up the stage! (source: jaguar)

Speaking of kitty, don't miss these great shots of the launch gala with Elle Macpherson, Jay Leno and David Hasselhoff.

In the side view, I see some Audi A6 towards the rear.

Based off these shots, there is very little to criticize. The new interior is very curvaceous and sporty. There is an annoying "Jaguar" label in the top, middle of the dash that the company says can be customized to owner's tastes. Personally, I'd rather have a solid wood band and skip placing my monogram there. The gauges are "real" at all, but rather part of a 12.3-inch TFT screen just like the refreshed Range Rover. I imagine that this kind of technology will eventually supplant traditional gauges altogether.

I like the unique backside, it looks expensive!

Pricing for the 2010 XJ will start at $72,500 and scale all the way up to $115,000. Looking at 2009 pricing, the 2010 base model in the U.S. seems to have jumped around $6,000 give or take sawbuck.

Some folks are bothered by the black applique on the rear pillar, it definitely needs closer inspection

The 2010 XJ is already active on Jaguar's website so you can build and configure with wild abandon.

I'm a sucker for classic looks and the current XJ is a handsome, if familiar, devil

There will be no confusing this butt with the 2010 XJ's new derriere

2010 XJ Interior: Did they have to put "Jaguar" right in the middle of the wood surround?

Playing with the online configurator: London Tan w/ Navy contrast and rich oak veneer

Playing with the online configurator: Cashew w/ Truffle contrast and figured ebony veneer

Current XJ interior

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