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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kia: Hamsters will not define us! Forte sedan will not feature rodents

No Energizer bunnies: Kia Hamsters are 1 and done

While Kia has received a mountain of favorable press for its Kia Soul hamster spot created by the David&Goliath agency, the only hamsters you’ll be seeing in the brand’s new Forte sedan are the ones that customers have chosen to transport.

Click this linke for a slideshow of 2010 Kia Forte images, both inside and out.

Michael Sprague, vice president of marketing for Kia USA, told BNET Auto “We didn’t want the hamsters to become the spokesperson for our brand. We wanted to be a more serious brand.”

Because that’s what you buyers want, more seriousness? While Kia undoubtedly doesn’t want an Energizer bunny on its hands, using a playful character that has resounded with buyers doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Have you seen the actual 2010 Kia Forte commercial? It’s a bit of a snore fest.

It's a Kia, people, not a Mercedes, so why not keep it fun and friendly?

For more info: Vist Kia Motors online.
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