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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mercedes-Benz to USA: You want 33 flavors? Go buy some ice cream. US only getting one wagon config

USA will get the 2011 E-Class wagon in June of 2010

Recently photos of the 2010 Mercedes E-Class wagon broke cover and were splashed around these pages. At the time of that article there was no word on which model, if any, would be headed to the USA. BMW has made noise as of late that the new 5 Series GT may completely replace the wagon in the USA. Some have feared that Mercedes may be looking to slim down its lineup as well. However, as Mercedes well knows, wagon buyers are a loyal bunch and there is no reason to lose good customers. Mercedes has now announced that the USA will be getting one version of the wagon: 2011 E350 4Matic. Given the immense variety of models that the European market receives, this might be disappointing news to some. No diesel editions are currently approved for our market. One does have to wonder if Volkswagen’s stellar sales numbers for its diesel wagon will change any minds at MB USA headquarters?

Check out this gallery for even more pictures of what will be our 2011 wagon.

Still, one wagon is better than no wagons. The 268 horsepower model will arrive here in June of 2010 with an optional sport configuration: Three-slat chrome grille, twin exhaust pipes, perforated front brake discs with painted calipers, paddle shifters and 17-inch alloys. An AMG package can be added that includes 18-inch wheels and a three-spoke steering wheel.

The video embedded below gives a great overview of the new wagon.

For more info: You can visit the MB USA website, but currently it shows no wagons at all!
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