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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Citroën at Frankfurt 2009: Deux Chevaux redux with the Revolte?

Citroën Revolte concept (courtesy of Citroën)

Citroën 2CV (courtesy of Flickr user Badhatstand)

At some point in our lives, we all want to revisit our past. Maybe we were in better health or had a summer romance that we never forgot. Car manufacturers are no different, they all look back to certain models in their history and wish to repeat those successes.

Check out this slideshow for more images of the Revolte and a special guest star.

Take Citroën for example, it manufactured the 2CV (French for two horses) from 1949 to 1990. That is one heck of a production run! Given the amazing success that Fiat has had with its retro inspired 500, Citroën would obviously love to have some of that magic for a reimaging of the 2CV: Enter the Revolte.

The French know a thing or two about revolutions, but why it chose to name its latest concept the Revolte is lost upon me. I'm not the only one,'s 4car calls the Revolte "Oddly named." Enough kibitzing about the name of the car, how does it stack up?

From what we can see in these illustrations, the Revolte looks very promising on the outside. I could certainly see this boutique model commanding a premium over its sister the Citroën DS3. The interior of the car appears to be pure show car fantasy and by God I hope it stays a fantasy. I love the French. I routinely seek out French goods. Hell, my mother-in-law lives in France, but I have yet to understand French car interiors. Remember the Nissan Quest's interior? One would expect that Citroën would tone things down for a production model. We will know more when Citroën reveals all the details and more imagery on the Revolte later this month.

Could Peugeot/Citroën find its way back to the United States? If anything were to happen, more than likely it would have to vector through Canada where Citroën would most likely establish a beachhead. Five years ago this would have been pure fantasy, but almost all manufacturers are realizing that Americans will pay for quality, unique, stylish small cars. The recent retraction in the USA's dealer body bodes well for an expansion when things turn around. Certainly Chinese and Indian manufacturers will be gaming to be a part of the turnaround, but PSA would be foolish to completely ignore the US market.

More info: Check out's team coverage of the Frankfurt motor show.

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