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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Run for the hills! Honda releases 2010 Crosstour images and it is not pretty

Maybe the Crosstour is good at writing love letters?

Baby's got back, well at least better than the front.

The wait is over. Honda has finally released official images of the 2010 Crosstour and it is, gulp, a little ungainly in the front.

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When we first started talking about a new Honda crossover, a lot was made of spyshots showing a European market Accord Tourer mule. But then things took a turn for the worst when more spy photos arrived. Still, I don't think anyone saw this grille coming.

Given the grief that Honda has received as of late, such as a temperate response to the Pilot, one would have hoped for better news when the Crosstour arrived.

The rear of the car is much more palatable. While I may object to the space robbing slope of the hatch, the Crosstour's haunches have a Chrysler Crossfire look to them. Not bad.

We'll have to wait until we get more photos and see the car in person, but as of right now, I am feeling a little "cross." Let's hope that the much better looking Euro wagon comes here as a TSX variant!

To read up on all of Honda's future plans, click here.

If you want to hear what Honda has to say about the Crosstour, check out this press release.

For more info: Visit Honda's website or find a good plastic surgeon.
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1 comment:

Rob said...

The Crosstour makes my eyes hurt - I cannot believe Honda lately. First the ZDX, now this. Whoever is designing their cars needs to get fired pronto :(