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Monday, October 19, 2009

Like Bay Area open spaces? Put it on your plate

Bay Area special license plate

Who does not love open spaces? Okay, besides those people suffering from agoraphobia?

The Bay Area offers some spectacular places to hike, bike and commune with mother nature and they need our help to stay pristine. These are difficult times for our Golden State, and let us face it, this guy is no friend of our park system.

How can you help provide funding for conservation, habitat restoration, recreation, and other environmental projects in the Bay Area without working up a sweat? Easy, click over to this site and sign up for a Bay Area Special License Plate. By signing up today you are committing to paying $50 to get a plate like the one pictured above and paying a renewal fee each subsequent year of $40. The bulk of the extra fee will go to State Coastal Conservancy's San Francisco Bay Area Conservancy Program where they promise to do really good things with your money.

It all sounds good until someone has to pay for it, right? As of October, 2009 about 400 hand raisers have signed up for the plate. That is way short of the 7,500 minimum required for the DMV to offer the plate. Why the poor turnout? Well certainly the economy has something to do with it, but in this car crazy state where people will eat cheap noodles in order to afford a nice car, I think there is more to this story.

Quite frankly, I think the plate design leaves a lot to be desired. Just check out this slideshow to see what I mean. The Yosemite plate looks sharp, as does the whale tail plate. The Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful subject, certainly they could do a better job of representing it on a license plate. For example, why the tiny image? Go for broke and mimic the other designs out there that utilize the full plate as a canvas. Certainly the CHP will be reasonable about its requirement for legibility. I recommend that the current design be withdrawn and a more visually pleasing effort take its place.

Regardless of the plate's design, it is a noble effort and if you have a few extra dollars it would be a nice gesture.

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