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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Start me up! Viper SmartStart allows iPhone users remotely start their car

SmartStart iPhone app (courtesy viper/directed electronics)

That remote start key fob you have in your pocket is so last year. Now you can have your iPhone start your car from an almost unlimited distance. The SmartStart system requires the installation of a free iPhone application, a hard-wired $500 Viper alarm system (or $300 module if you have an approved Viper alarm system) in your car and a $30 annual service plan.

The Viper SmartStart system uses a data connection from your iPhone or iPod Touch (connected to WiFi) to send the signal. I am presuming that the receiver module in the car itself uses a cellular signal to receive the commands.

In addition to remotely starting the car, you can lock/unlock the doors, activate the alarm panic mode and unlock your trunk or hatch.

For a look into the future of the automobile's relationship with Apple's hip products, check out what automotive supplier Faurecia has demonstrated: Talk about full iPod integration!

Compatible Viper alarm systems include the following models:

Security/Remote Start Systems:
Viper 5902
Viper 5901
Viper 5701
Viper 5601

Remote Start Systems:
Viper 5501
Viper 5301
Viper 5101

View the embedded video below to find out more about the system.

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