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Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 changes: Disabled parking violators in California get hefty fines

California DP parking placard (Courtesy: CA DMV)
New for 2010 in the State of California are increased fines, between $250 and $1,000, for violating disabled parking laws.

While researching this story, I went looking for some Creative Commons licensed photography, what I found wildly exceeded my expectations.  You can view some of the amazing work I found in this linked slideshow.

According to the legislation, any of the following acts will net you the enhanced fines:
  1. A disabled person who knowingly permits his or her  disabled placard or plate to be used by a person not entitled to it
  2. A person displaying a disabled placard that was not issued to him or her (except when transporting a disabled person), or a disabled placard that has been canceled or revoked
  3. A person using a vehicle displaying a special identification license plate issued to another who parks in a parking stall or space designated for disabled persons
  4. A person who, with fraudulent intent, displays or causes or permits to be displayed a forged, counterfeit, or false disabled person placard 
Placard abuse has long grated on the nerves of many.  Firstly, because it robs the truly disabled of convenient parking.  Secondly, because it robs many local coffers due to the exemption from paying parking meter fees.  Thirdly, it robs local businesses because there is no time limit, thereby limited turnover in business districts.

As an added bonus, DP placard violations no longer need to be treated as misdemeanors, so cities can elect to allow parking control officers to cite violators instead of having police officers show up.

You can read more about this topic in this SFGate story.

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