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Saturday, March 27, 2010

More wagon than you have a right to?

It is no secret that I love wagons.  Wagons of all shapes and sizes.  Sadly in this country, wagons keep getting screwed over.  Mercedes pulled its C-Class wagon when the latest C-Class debuted, BMW is pulling its 5-Series wagon in favor of the oddly shaped and hugely overpriced GT, Volvo (V70 wagon is leaving the US) and Subaru (Legacy wagon is long gone) seem to feel that they can only sell wagons that have been puffed up to look like crossovers (they are probably right), Ford is repackaging the former Freestyle as the new Explorer and the list goes on.

Enter the Cadillac CTS Sportwagon which proudly proclaims, "I'm just a wagon, not a jacked up, pseudo utility vehicle."  Bold.  Of course, it must battle the brand's own SRX crossover and Cadillac has already had to adjust the wagon's pricing because consumers were choosing the SRX "for a few dollars more."

Now Cadillac is testing the waters with this CTS-V concept wagon.  While many blog readers have been screaming for it, I am unclear as to how many would fork over 60+ grand for such an all conquering wagon.

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