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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Next HHR May Be Delta MPV-7

I've quacked a lot about Chevrolet's MPV-7 project and now comes news that it may be labeled HHR. How do I come by this information? Basically by reading between the lines. In the latest copy of Automotive News, the magazine describes the 2011 HHR as a modern style, "mini-minivan," potentially seating up to seven, based on Opel's Zafira replacement and the next generation Delta architecture. Well that pretty much describes the MPV-7 project as far as I'm concerned. You can see some spyshots of the MPV-7 by visiting this post. When I think more about this, it does make sense. It would be tough for the HHR to reinvent its retro design, so why no take it in the other direction?

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