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Friday, January 09, 2009

Checking Out San Mateo's International Sportsmen's Expo

The first thing you notice up arriving at the San Mateo ISE is that the race track next door is gone...totally torn up and in a pile of rubble. It's pretty shocking stuff to see a longtime landmark gone. In fact when I stepped off the train, I was kind of lost for a second.

Let's get down to meat and potatoes of the show. As I had mentioned previously, I was a bit distraught at the loss of the Pleasanton Boat Show. The ISE really isn't a boat show, per se, but there were several boat vendors in attendance. Most boats on display were of the fishing variety, but I saw at least one bow rider in the mix.

There were some kitschy things, like a guy wandering around with what looked to be a falcon on his arm. Dogs were jumping into a big pool to fetch various items that their trainers had thrown in. In a comical moment, one dog wasn't in the mood to jump and had to be coaxed for several minutes before taking a half-hearted plunge. Kids scrabbled up a rock wall that had been setup outside. Toyota was on hand with a small test track where show goers could check out the Tundra pickup. There was a casting area where folks where trying their best to reenact "A River Runs Through It." A lot of vendors had small booths where they were selling trips, gear, clothing, and artwork. There were films and seminars offered, but I didn't have the time to check any of them out.

The show's attendance was healthy for a weekday afternoon and overall I found the ISE to be entertaining for those folks who fancy themselves a sportsman or sportswoman. It's all over on Sunday, January 11 at 5PM, so you've got a limited window to check things out.

The show's admission is $15.00 for adults, $7.00 youth (ages 13 - 17) and children 12 years and under get in for free. Sadly my link for $2 off seems to have been deactivated. Parking will set you back $8, but if you are cheap you could park at Hillsdale mall and then walk a couple of blocks to the show.

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