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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fiat/Chrysler Link Could Yield 7 New Cars for US!

Industry sources are reporting that the Chrysler/Fiat alliance could give the US a total of seven new cars: four of those vehicles would be Chrysler, one would be a Fiat and two would carry the Alfa badge. How does it all break down?

Fiat would market the 500. That's a no-brainer, why would you want to dilute the brand equity of the cinquecento? Chrysler would get a 5-door variant based off the Fiat Panda.

Next up, Alfa would sell the sexy MiTo while Chrysler got another variation (maybe a crossover?). Think next generation Grande Punto platform, which in its current form is a child of the failed Fiat/GM partnership. That platform also underpins the Opel Corsa. Sadly it is not up to U.S. safety regs as it stands.

Moving up the ladder, Alfa would offer a vehicle slated to replaced the current 147 (called c-evo) and Chrysler could replace the Caliber with some variant of this platform.

The same goes for a Sebring/Avenger replacement, it would be a stretched 147 replacement platform (c-evo).

It all sounds good to me, but can they sell the alliance to U.S. lawmakers?

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