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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2010 Lincoln MKZ Fodder

Below is a snippet heralding the 2010 Lincoln MKZ. Is it worthy of your consideration? Personally I’m not that interested in this car. The styling is ho-hum and in this particular segment there are much more dynamic looking options out there. Take for example the CTS. While it may be lacking some of the technological, gee-whiz stuff that the MKZ sports, its styling is off the charts. Am I bitter that Lincoln abandoned the RWD LS sedan? Hell yeah! The LS was an innovator when it arrived on the market, a sign that domestic luxury marks weren’t interested in making barges for retirees forever. The LS was a young, hip sedan. So what if the headliner on my particular example fell down, it was still a very competent car. Since that time, Lincoln elected to go FWD/AWD and left the true sport sedan segment to the CTS. To top things off, Lincoln got rid of the spiffy Zephyr handle and slapped on the much less evocative MKZ badge. Boo, hiss.

Having said all of that, the MKZ could still make a bigger splash if it wasn’t so plain looking. If you still desire this car, I recommend saving the cash and buying a very similar Ford Fusion, just as I would advise you to choose a new 2010 Taurus over an MKS.

Lincoln needs to reboot, yet again, and until it does something in noteworthy like the original LS, I’ll sit on the sidelines. Oh, and another thing, if Lincoln thinks that ugly as sin MKT is going to help matters, I think it is going to be sorely disappointed.

The 2010 Lincoln MKZ offers customers more standard luxury and segment-exclusive safety features for their money, with a starting price of $34,965, including destination and delivery.
Compared with other midsize luxury sedans – such as the Lexus ES350 and Cadillac CTS – the MKZ comes with more standard luxury features, such as Bridge of Weir leather seats, genuine wood trim, heated and cooled front seats, the popular SYNC entertainment and connectivity system, a reverse sensing system and driver multi-adjustable power seat.

source: Ford

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