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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Acura ZDX Concept

I’m not screaming at my monitor “Why, oh why???” like I did when I saw the new TL, however, I have several concerns. Firstly, is the X6 a role model one should be following? I understand that Acura is going to be placing a premium price on this model. Just how much is this puppy going to cost versus an MDX?

Still, this model is more exciting than the wacko TL or snooze-fest RL. The Acura snout finally looks okay, although I’m wondering how it appears in darker colors.

The production model shouldn't stray very far from this concept. If you'd like more of a squared off hatch for increased cargo room, hang on because Honda will be offering its version, called the Crosstour, in the not so distant future. The Crosstour won't have all the whiz-bang stuff this Acura does, but it will be more functional.


Marlene Affeld said...

I am in the market for a new car, so I really appreciate you informative and timely posts - saves a lot of time going to dealerships to find all the details.

Annoymous said...

This 1 looks nice.