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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Acura ZDX Designer Michelle Christensen Discusses the Protoype with ToV

Temple of VTEC had a chance to chat with Acura designer Michelle Christensen about the ZDX prototype shown at the NY Auto Show. Of course, the word 'prototype' is used lightly because this vehicle will most definitely be on sale in the very near future and it will pretty much look like this car minus some of the fluff.

Why would you want an MDX with less space? Style, image and performance would probably be the answer most folks would give. This segment is going to see a number of competitors. BMW already has the oddly shaped X6 and the more pleasing 5 Series GT is on the way. Audi will certainly be playing in this game as well. It would be foolish to think that Mercedes doesn't want a piece of the action.

For my own personal situation, a car like this wouldn't make sense right now. A family of five needs more space, but undoubtedly there are many buyers who would find this vehicle has plenty of room. As I always say, if it has a hatch it can't all be bad (Except for the Aztek, of course).

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