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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nader: 'New GM a 'Death Star' for U.S. jobs'

Ralph Nader compares new GM to the Death Star

Leave it to Ralph Nader to find a catchy phrase to attack the idea of a reorganized General Motors. The longtime watchdog is focusing on the restructuring of the nation's auto makers and the impacts that these moves will have on American workers.

"If GM goes into bankruptcy ... what will be launched would be a conclusive Death Star to tens of thousands of jobs, thousands of small businesses and adverse effects to hundreds of communities around the country. Congress is entitled to ask, 'Does this have to happen?'"--Ralph Nader

As the government's deadline for General Motors draws closer, it is almost certain that GM will declare bankruptcy. Nader's concern is that many jobs will not only be lost when factories close and brands are shuttered, but that production of future U.S. vehicles will be moved to Asia. GM has stated in documents submitted to Congress that it plans to start importing small cars from China starting in 2011, but GM has also stated that it expects the percentage of cars made in the U.S. to remain stable with fewer imports from Canada.

For more info: Check out this AP article.

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Anonymous said...

With Canadian taxpayers throwing General Motors a 10 Billion dollar life line, this on top of another 2 billion to Chrysler, you can expect Canadian production to increase not decrease.
As for the Chinese, I don't think they have offered a dime in bail out money to US General Motors workers.