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Friday, May 22, 2009

Only the nose knows? 2010 Acura MDX??

Jeff Palmer over at the Temple of VTEC checked his e-mail yesterday, he found a couple of renderings of 2010 Acuras from an anonymous tipster. As you can see, the MDX appears to be set for for a TL inspired nose. For comparison's sake, I have placed a photo of the current MDX as an inset into the picture. For a better view of the 2009 MDX, click over to Acura's official website.

Jeff also has a picture of what the 2010 RDX might look like. I don't want to steal all of his thunder, so I'll point you over to his post for the actual picture.

Standard caveats apply here. These pictures could be total BS for all we know. Acura and Honda won't confirm or deny the veracity of the images. However, even if they were done by some kid with overactive Photoshop skills, it would stand to reason that Acura's crossovers will receive the family schnoz. Don't forget that the MDX/RDX will shortly be joined by the ZDX (shown in prototype form).

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