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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unofficial GM dealership closing lists pop up like mushrooms after a rainstorm

Unlike Chrysler, the list of GM dealerships receiving notification that their agreements will not be renewed has not been made public. I speculate that that there are several reason for this. Firstly, GM has not set an absolute "drop dead date" like Chrysler did, instead promising an orderly wind down. Nothing kills business like the news that you'll soon be out of business so GM probably didn't want to poison the well for its dealerships' sales prospects. GM is also allowing for an appeals process, so while the chances are slim, there a small sliver of hope that some dealers now on the list might get a reprieve. Of course, for those dealerships that know they are okay, there is a cloud of speculation that unfairly casts its shadow over their stores and what of the consumer, should they be kept in the dark? GM should commit to making the list public after the appeals process is complete.

Nature abhors a vacuum and when did a lack of facts ever stop anyone on the Internet from posting something? Therefore, I offer to you several lists of GM dealership closings that may be as accurate as a two dollar watch, but they are the best we have at the moment:

GM Inside News

Huffington Post

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