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Thursday, June 04, 2009

General Motors will release list of closed dealers to Senate not general public

Yesterday, General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson agreed to a request from Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller to release a list of dealerships to be eliminated. At the time, it was unclear if GM was going to release this list only to the Senate or make it available publicly as Chrysler has done.

Inquiries to General Motors were fielded by Tom Wilkinson, a GM spokesman, who stated, "We are working with NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) to provide the list to the Senate. However, we do not anticipate the list being made public."

GM has said it that it does not want to make the list public because its terminated dealers do not wish to be identified. Chrysler dealers were only given a few weeks to clear out inventory before a June 9 cutoff, but some GM dealerships remain in operation for months after receiving notification. GM dealers fear that if they are publicly identified, they will lose business well in advance of an orderly wind down or a chance to successfully appeal the termination.

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Karolina K said...

Where can I find the list of Chrysler? Is there a list of GM now? I do see a map but I'm interested to know about California.