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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mahindra PR: Refreshed Australian Mahindra truck very similar to USA models

This Australian model is "very similar" to U.S. version

Compare the above refreshed model to this picture

Recently this author has covered the forthcoming, Indian made and diesel powered pickup from Mahindra. What has been missing from the picture up until now was literally a picture of exactly what the truck is going to look like. We still do not have official images of the U.S. market vehicle, but this author has confirmed with Global Vehicles / Mahindra USA PR representative Mike Geylin that the recently announced Australian market Mahindra Pik-Up (love that spelling) is “Very similar to the U.S. version.”

The picture shown above is the newly refreshed Australian model. No pictures of the revised interior could be found. Check out this article is a gallery of images that this author has obtained from Mahindra’s USA distributor Global Vehicles. These images are not of the refreshed Australian model nor the finalized US model. This is probably one of the most comprehensive collection of images, especially obtained by this author from Mahindra's USA distributor.

Below are snippets (with some comments by the author) from the Australian launch. Not everything quoted below may be applicable to the U.S. market.

So what changes can we expect from the pictures on the Mahindra USA website? Well according to the Australian press release, there is a new grille, with a characteristic silver centre piece that features the brand’s logo. The road armor wrap-around bumpers provide the Next Generation Mahindra Pik Up with an updated and muscular appearance, and the a new hood scoop adds grunt to the vehicle’s “aggressive bearing.” Sports headlights, fog lamps and ‘pull type’ door handles provide additional curves and muscle to the new design.

Inside, the updated interiors with ergonomically designed seats, which have been designed after meticulous ‘Body Pressure Mapping’. Longer seatbelts (sad commentary on the state of our health), new dual-tone, electronically powered outer rear vision mirrors and a 2-Din audio containing a stereo system with full CD / MP3 player and radio, USB and SD card port provide maximum convenience and comfort. The hand brake and gear lever have a new smart, sporty look.

Safety was beefed up as well, Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) and front dual (SRS) airbags for the driver and passenger. This is complemented by Pretensioner/Load limiter seat belts supplied by Autoliv Australia, and audio controls on the steering wheel which allow the driver to keep his eyes firmly on the road. This will ensure a higher safety rating and allow a broader buyer appeal. To provide additional safety assurance and increased driver confidence, Roadside Assist has been extended from 12 months to 3 years.

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For more info: Visit the USA distributor's site for Mahindra
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