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Friday, July 31, 2009

Next generation C-MAX nabbed! Focus in on this future US bound Ford

Ford Iosis MAX concept from Geneva show source:ford

As mentioned in previous coverage of Ford's plans for 2010 and beyond, the United States will almost certainly be receiving a copy of the Ford of Europe C-MAX people mover.

The current generation model (click to view gallery) is a bit of a snore, but looking at the racey lines of the Iosis Max concept, this look a lot more promising.

We will see the production version of the next generation Focus-based C-MAX at September's Frankfurt Motor Show, but why wait until then? AutoExpress has a whole cache of camouflaged C-MAX mules on the road!

What is unclear as far as the US is concerned is which models we'll get. More than likely, the US will only get a 5 seater but who knows, maybe Ford will pull a Kia Rondo and give a seven seater as well.

For more info: Visit AutoExpress
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