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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

2010 Acura RDX: The return of adequate handling front wheel drive

2010 Acura RDX (source: honda)

Before anyone gets up in arms, this author has made up the phrase adequate handling front wheel drive.

How did I come up with it? Well, I simply said to myself if the 2009 RDX has super handling all wheel drive, what would you call a front wheel drive version? How about adequate? Seems to fit, no?

Click this link to view a gallery of exterior shots of the 2010 Acura RDX.

You have seen pictures of the 2010 RDX before…here, here and here. That’s a lot of coverage for a slightly refreshed model, but Acura fans are a hungry bunch, so you can pretty much feed them any small bit of news and it turns into a feeding frenzy.

Yesterday, I covered the 2010 MDX in all of its glory in a two part series: 2010 Acura MDX Part I and 2010 Acura MDX Part II: The wrath of the shield. The second headline caused my editor to ask, “Are you really pleased with yourself now?” Yeah, well, until he throws me the keys to a Bugatti Veyron I have to get my chuckles somewhere: Wrath of the shield it is.

Getting back to the 2010 Acura RDX. You probably already know the drill: New front and rear fascias, FWD is now available, standard rear view camera embedded in the rear view mirror, improved cupholders, a thicker inlet pipe to reduce noise during high boost and a dual-stage radiator fan to help keep down noise levels.

That’s a quick overview of what is new, but why stop there when Acura’s marketing department has prepared such a fine press release. Click through for Part II of this story which includes the press release and a gallery of interior photos of the 2010 Acura RDX.

For more info: Visit Acura's website.
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