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Friday, October 16, 2009

Name that wild ride: Myers Motors asks public for input on name for electric car

Tentatively called the NMG2 (courtesy Myers Motors)

Remember the Corbin Sparrow from the Austin Powers Goldmember movie?

The Sparrow went on to become the Myers Motors No More Gas, an all-electric powered, one-up commuter with a rather pricey $30K window sticker. Still, I always gave the company credit for keeping such a unique vehicle alive.

View a gallery of photos of the forthcoming Myers Motors mobile in this slideshow link.

Now Myers Motors is launching a second model. This time it will be two-up so that you can bring along a buddy. I also think that it is much better looking that the Sparrow, but that is a personal taste issue. The company's website has this to say about the new model,

Myers Motors is proud to introduce the look of its new two passenger model. Like the NmG, this vehicle will use Myers Motors’ proven electric drive and advanced lithium battery systems so it will travel at highway speeds, have a 60 mile range, and cost around 2-cents per mile to drive. But, this new vehicle will also have room for 2, more storage space, and great upgrades available like extended ranges and air conditioning.

Myers Motors will release more details, including images of the interior soon. We plan to start taking reservations on October 21st. Oh, and did we mention that the base price will be less than the NmG?

A base price of less than $30K sounds good as does the improved cabin. Now how would you like to win a six month lease in this baby? Easily done, all you have to do is come up with the winning name! Click here to read more about the contest and submit your suggestion.

Find out more about the original Sparrow/NMG in this video below.

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