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Monday, January 04, 2010

Wyoming residents: Ray Romano wants you to reserve a Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta brand manager, Sam DeLaGarza (Ford)
First things first:  Ray Romano has nothing to do with the Ford Fiesta.  The Fiesta's brand manager, Sam DeLaGarza, who I think looks a lot like Ray Romano, posted on his Twitter account today that the only state not yet represented in the 2011 Ford Fiesta reservation program is Wyoming.

View the Fiesta in all its glory in this linked slideshow.

I interviewed Sam back in June of 2009 and he and I discussed the smart fortwo reservation system.  I had stated that in my own experience, I was disappointed that smart had not reached out to early reservationists with any special treatment such as sending out small trinkets or e-mail status updates as the year progressed towards the official launch. Sam said that Ford had heard the same thing from focus groups.  All of this would imply that Fiesta reservationists should be hearing from Ford while they wait.  Who knows, maybe Ford will even send you a little something (no promises, just a theory).

Ford is throwing in its SYNC system as an enticement to order early.  The reservation is non-binding and unlike the $99 smart fortwo program requires zero upfront payment.

In a side note, the real Ray Romano wants me to tell you about his new show, Men of a Certain Age, which is featured on TNT.

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