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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Picture of the Week: Lincoln

No, not the Lincoln MKS at the LA show, but Honest Abe himself. Although not confirmed, the gentleman in the stovepipe hat in the center of the photograph could be President Lincoln arriving at Gettysburg to deliver his famous speech. You can read more about this photo and the controversy surrounding its discovery by clicking here.

Getting back to the MKS. I had mentioned that I would reserve judgement on the car until seeing it in person. Well, I was there when it rolled out onto the stage and my initial impressions were confirmed: the car isn't a styling stand out. I also found it humorous that when Mark Fields introduced the car, he initially called it the MKX and then quickly corrected himself. I sure do miss names like Zephyr and Aviator and I hope that this silly naming convention that Lincoln invented for itself ends soon.

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