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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fahrvergsnüzin: Bay of VWs

A car transporter driver bound for Los Angeles blacked out and drove into San Diego Bay at a marine terminal in National City. On board (so to speak) were a bunch of brand new Volkswagens. Apparently only three of the VWs actually fell into the bay. However, looking at the precarious position of the trailer, it would seem that all the cars in that shipment will be never be quite the same.

The driver woke up underwater and swam about 13 feet to the surface, where dock workers helped him onto dry land.



mani said...

Hi Guys, it's called "Fahrvergnügen" ;-)


R32 said...

I'd hate to be the owner of that. I'd flip out if that happened to me. Atleast he's okay!!

Anonymous said...

WoW. Thank gawd there weren't any Jetta or Passat with TDI ! THEN I'd be sad. ;^)

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