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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Win A 2008 MINI Cooper Convertible or $25,000 in cash (1/30/2009)

As far as sweepstakes go, this one is a bit of a stinker. Firstly, entries are accepted until January of 2009, so that's a long wait. Secondly, the contest "may be presented in different creative presentations by different organizations" so there are probably countless ways the grand prize is being marketed. The estimated odds of winning is: 1:12,600,000!!! However, there is still a slight chance that you could win! Click here to enter.

I can improve your odds of winning a Mini from 1:12,600,000 to 1:999 for a $50 donation. That's right it's time once again for the Dobbs Ferry Schools Foundation annual car raffle. I enter every year. It's a good cause and they aren't being too greedy with either the ticket price or the number of tickets sold. Click here to check it out!

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