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Friday, December 14, 2007

I'll Fix Your Wagon...

Let's say you're a tow truck driver and you've recently received a ticket for speeding. A few weeks after your ticket, you see a police car parked in a fire zone. It's 2AM in the morning and you are feeling a little ornery, what do you do? If you are Steven Gerald Syverson of Portland, Oregon you back up your tow truck to the cruiser and hook up.

Syverson might have gotten away with the cruiser, but one of the two officers responding to the assault-in-progress had received a call to go somewhere else and as he was leaving noticed his fellow officer's car jacked in the air.

A law professor weighing in on the case said that had the officer parked in a fire zone for a non-critical situation, let's say a Dunkin' run, then a citizen could file a civil lawsuit. However, given that the officer was responding to an urgent situation, he had every right to park where he did.

Just like a classic episode of Cops, Syverson locked himself in his tow truck and refused to get out. According to his boss, Syverson had been employed for eight problem free months. That all came to an end with this episode as he has been subsequently fired from the towing company.

Anger management, folks. I know it can grind your gears to get a ticket for a rolling stop and then see countless police cruisers pull the same stunt. However, trying to stick it to the man never pays off.

source: oregonian

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