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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Land Rover LRX Concept

Whenever I hear the name Gerry McGovern I can't help but think back to his days at Lincoln and that crazy hair he had. Heh, heh...

...Oh, yeah, back to the Land Rover. This is the first new Land Rover since McGovern replaced Geoff Upex as design director. "LRX is a design born out of passion for the brand, but it is different, relevant, engaging and exciting," said McGovern. Funny, McGovern said similar things about his hair years ago. Well, actually he didn't. I made that bit up.

I'll admit that I was worried when Upex retired from Land Rover. However, this LRX has me in a very hopeful mood. If a production model ends up looking anything like this concept, then whoever buys Land Rover will have a hit on their hands.

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