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Thursday, July 03, 2008


Right now you can scoop up an even lot of 100 GM shares for around $1,000. The current share price is way off the company's 52 week high of $43.20. GM got a slight boost when it announced that its June sales numbers weren't as bad as expected, but then lost of that momentum when a negative report came from Merrill Lynch. What can be done?

I think GM needs to get the word out on future product--not just the Volt. Yes, there were some announcements at its shareholder meeting, but I think GM has to go further. Industry analysts and journalists need to once again be lead through the design studios and shown what is coming. If the Chevy MPV-7 is a reality, if that vehicle can achieve 30+ MPG then GM needs to tell analysts about it now. If the Beat is going to be sold in the USA then it needs to be confirmed.

GM has to get people talking about all the good things and stop focusing on the SUV body count. Maybe GM even has to offer teasers to the public: jingle the keys and maybe the baby will stop crying. I think the ideal springboard for all of this is GM's 100 year celebration. Remind folks of the good times and then show them what the future will hold.

Other ideas for slipping sales? Low APR and rebates have lost their luster. I'd try adding value. How about enhanced bumper to bumper warranties for everybody?

"We have confidence in America, You Can have Confidence in Us: 5/60,00 Bumper to Bumper"
"Value isn't optional: $1,800 in extras now included"
"Maintain Strength: Scheduled maintenance now included 3/36,000"
"Make it your ride: $1,200 in dealer accessories included"

To gain extra traffic into showrooms, why not offer another car sweeps: "50 cars for 50 states, every month"

Give buyers' an incentive to take a spin: "Our product is our bond, $50 savings bond for taking a test drive."

Those are some ideas that came to me while sitting on the couch. I'm sure that marketing experts can come up with much better concepts. The bottom line is that GM has to change the topic of conversation.


Steven said...

Don't forget the 2009 Malibu 4cy-6sp that get 33 MPG HWY (tell us again why is it going to cost soooo much to get cars uop to 35MPG???)

rwcmick said...

The 4 cyl / 6 speed auto Malibu is a great combo. I haven't driven the final version, but the pre-production model that GM hooked us up with was impressive. I think that objection that automakers have is getting a fleet average to 35mpg. I still support the legislation, though, because we've got to wean ourselves off of oil. Yeah, it's going going to be painful but it has to happen.