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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Car Salvaging May Salvage Memories of My Youth

Do-it-yourself salvage yards grow popular

"They're among a growing number of do-it-yourself salvage yards, a trend that comes as scrap metal prices soar, making the business far more profitable than it once was."

When I was a pup, I enjoyed the occasional visit to a salvage yard for the chance to look over the amazing collection of old cars and trucks laying about. As I grew older, I noticed a disturbing trend: Some salvage lots were disappearing and others became "pre-pulled" kind of places where you couldn't wander around yourself. I didn't like those developments at all.

Detroit News has an AP story about the growing popularity of DIY salvage yards. Recently I posted an articled entitled "Scrap Is No Longer Crap" and these yards are a directly related to that: scrap is worth more and people are trying to be more frugal. I look forward to taking my kids to a junk yard someday and hope they enjoy seeing automotive history in its most gritty form.

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