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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chevrolet USA To Get Groove or Trax

Update: A commenter over at Jalopnik pointed out to me that if the Groove is the car being produced, then why is the Beat in the next Transformers movie? That's a great point and one that I hadn't thought of.

Chevy plans new U.S. subcompact by '11 - Automotive News

The triplet saga continues for GM. You'll recall that the Groove, Beat and Trax concepts were introduced at the 2007 New York Auto Show. When the Beat was announced for production, the U.S. was left off the invitation list (something about crash standards). Now comes word from Automotive News that Chevrolet will get a version of either the Groove or Trax. The production vehicle will be a bit bigger to meet our safety standards.

Which model will it be? A quick check of shows that the Groove leads the Trax by 24.4%. I'd also add that Bob Lutz made a brief quip when announcing the Beat's production at the LA show, something to the effect that while the Beat is definitely being produced, who knows maybe will build the Groove as well. I can't remember his exact words, but at the time he said it I thought to myself that it was a thinly veiled acknowledgement that we'll be getting the Groove.

According to AN the Groove or Trax will arrive by 2011 and will replace the Aveo. My money is on the Groove. Place your bets, everybody!

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