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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Looped LaBeouf Arrested For DUI

Update: You can get TMZ video of Shia's smashed F-150 by clicking here.

Shia LaBeouf arrested for drunk driving - Celebrities-

“So I go to Walgreen’s and I go to the cosmetic aisle,” LaBeouf recalled, “and I see the security guard and he’s looking at me, four in the morning, pretty disheveled, pretty messed up on the special magic sauce. And I get the pimple cream, and he’s looking at me, he’s kinda giggling to himself, and now I’m starting to feel like, ‘What? It’s really not that funny, guy, you know?”’

That was then, this is now...

Today (Sunday) LaBeouf was driving in West Hollywood and headed northbound on La Brea Avenue and tried to turn onto Fountain Avenue (right near where LA Ink is filmed) when his pickup collied with another vehicle. It was immediately apparent to responding officers that he was on the "special magic sauce."

We'll have to see what his BAC was, but if it was over .15 I'd say it's ignition interlock time. Of course, the ABI woud disagree with that.

I just don't get this behavior. Shia's loaded with cash. He's been in a couple of big-time movies and might be at the top of his career. There is no reason he needs to be driving around, completely trashed, at 3 A.M. He should have been in the back of a limo, completely trashed, enjoying the company of his female companion rather than behind the wheel risking her life and the lives of innocent people.

Please note that this is Shia's previous mugshot and not the one stemming from today's DUI.

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