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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drunk Men Crash Truck, Get Do-Over and Crash It Again

Police Say Men Crashed Truck Twice On Same Street, Police Accuse Drunk Men Of Crashing Their Pickup Twice On The Same Street - CBS News

The crazy stunts that drunk people pull. If it's not stealing jet fuel, then it's repeatedly crashing your truck into parked vehicles on the same block. During my college days I remember many a stumble fest walking home, but nobody ever reached for the keys. I remember one incident where we found ourselves crawling over barricades at an empty fairgrounds. It made no sense because there was an obstacle free path just one block over. The walk home from the bar more than than half then fun.

At least nobody was seriously injured in these mishaps. Maybe a PSA by Shia on the hazards of driving drunk (even if he technically wasn't at fault for his most recent incident) might help--just kidding.

photo source: earl estrera


Doug said...

Speaking of things people do while drunk: I remember a "tree cutting" incident that left one of my friends in a state of panic. Do you still have problems with your shoulder? I still have the sign.

rwcmick said...

You know, the shoulder flares up every now and then. As for the tree cutting, I understand your friend's panic--what seemed like a good idea while in a vodka haze may not seem so inspired the next morning.