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Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm Fifty, Fifty Years Old (Nothing to Do With the Story)

Buzzwatch : Idea Watch: 50 Things Being Blamed on Rising Oil Prices

Okay...I'm not really 50. But just like Sally O'Malley, who's 50 today (actually she's 50 everyday), WSJ's Buzzwatch has collected 50 things being attributed, at least in part, to high fuel costs: most costly tires, frustrated Kangaroo harvesters, green eggs and ham, it's all there! Click the above link to checkity, check it out.


cube said...

Sally O'Malley is a hoot. So is your post.

rwcmick said...

Thanks! I was chuckling as I wrote the post. Glad you enjoyed it. I like to KICK, stretch, and KICK!!!!