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Saturday, July 26, 2008

"It's My Lawnmower and I Can Shoot It If I Want To" (Actually, You Can't)

Midwestern man shoots mower, voids warranty

Keith Walendowski was pissed, his Lawn Boy wouldn't start up and he'd had enough. Shotgun time! The argument that it was your yard, your mower and your shotgun simply won't cut it with the authorities. Keith's little fit of rage may cost him a fine of up to $11,000 and six years in prison if convicted and let's face it, what jury isn't going to take the side of the mower?

I've had my own trials with lawn equipment. The pull cord on my weed whacker kept coming off whenever I tried to start it, no fun I tell yah. My rear bagger lawnmower constantly blows bits of grass in my face, I'm not happy about that either. Sometimes my tiller refuses to dig in and just bounces on the top of the ground, I'm not getting any work done when that happens. In fact the more I write about this, the more upset I get. I still wouldn't want to shoot anything, though.

My favorite bit is what a local garden store owner told a reporter about the gunshot damage, "Anything not factory recommended would void the warranty." True that!

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