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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Ka Is Out of the Bag! Leaked Pic of Ka Surfaces

Update: A few more pictures have been leaked. Official information should be released later today or tomorrow according to Autoblog.

I've lined up the next generation Ka, the current Ka, and the new Ka's platform mate the Fiat 500. Paris will see the official debut, but the rusty sieve that is the Internet has leaked once again and given us a glimpse. Ford has said that for the time being the Ka is too small to bring to the U.S. but nobody can ignore the rampant success of the smart fortwo. Should Toyota iQ be sold here in the U.S., all signs point to yes, and become a hit as well then you'll probably see everybody jump on the bandwagon. Fiat has indicated an interest in selling the 500 here, perhaps once a family of 500s can be offered.

My own experience with the current generation Ka several years ago in Tahiti was less than impressive. I had the opportunity to rent the Fiesta and Ka back to back and found the Fiesta more more agreeable. Certainly the new Ka will address many of my quibbles, but unless the Ka were to post significantly higher mileage numbers than the Fiesta, I wouldn't rush to get one should it be offered here.

source: cartribe via autoblog

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