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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Never Mind the McMuffin, The SX4 Sports a Decent Navi

Suzuki finds its way

Apparently Detroit News writer Scott Burgess never travels anyplace that he hasn't been before and therefore doesn't feel the need for a navigation system. Oh, and Burgess also eats junk food and then tries to hide the evidence from his wife.

What's that got to do with anything? This week Burgess reviewed the Suzuki SX4's new standard equipment navigation system and guess what? Mikey likes it. The review confirms my belief that Suzuki has a real winner with its new Garmin sourced unit. You can remove the unit and take it with you and then click it back in for a charge. An added bonus is that it integrates with the stereo so that it will lower the volume when it wants to chat with you. Upgraded trim packages will sport such goodies as Bluetooth, real-time traffic, local events, weather forecasts and a gas price finder.

You can read Burgess' full review by clicking on the above link.

photo source: American Suzuki Motor Corporation

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