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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Trapped Under A Car--Too Old To Drive?

JS Online: 91-year-old Greendale woman trapped under car for two days

It's not a decision I look forward to: When do I tell my family members that they are too old to drive? The loss of freedom is something that doesn't sit well with many seniors who continue to drive well after they should have already hung up the keys. Take for example this 91-year-old driver in Wisconsin who became trapped under her car for two days while looking for her keys. The keys were never under the car in the first place, but rather in the car's door. A concerned mailman noticed that the woman's mail was piling up and called the police who kicked down the door and rescued the woman. Should this woman still have driving privileges? How best do we judge when a person no longer has the full capacity to drive? Please note that the photo is not the driver.

photo source: Jorc Navarro

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