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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rental Camper In Defense of Whales Uses Racist Slogan

British honeymooners in wicked Australian race row - Telegraph

A British couple on a their honeymoon were unwitting accomplices to an anti-whaling campaign. How the twosome missed the "Save a whale... harpoon a Jap(anese Person)" scrawled on the back of their rented camper van, I'll never know but that's exactly what happened. Once informed that their vehicle was on the frontpage of a local newspaper, the couple was in favor of the idea, "It made us chuckle and it's quite relevant, particularly in Australia." The rental agency, called Wicked, is no stranger to controversial slogans which have been described as misogynistic and demeaning to women.

Making someone feel uncomfortable about their race, nationality, or gender is no way to promote your cause. Placing such slogans on a rental vehicle is even worse. You can imagine the outcry if U-Haul swapped out their murals for something like this.

photo source: flickr user raphie

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