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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Show Me Your (Production) Volt

GM to let workers see Volt

Awhile ago I had speculated that GM would have the production Volt at its centennial bash in September. The Detroit News is reporting that GM will have the Volt there, but that only employees will get a sneak peak and the nearly finished car. The article mentions both the LA and Detroit auto shows as possible venues for a public unveiling. No mention of the Paris show coming up this fall. There had been speculation that the Parisian show would have the debut of the production Volt, something that I wasn't so happy about myself, but in fact GM may show other E-Flex variants at that show. I'm not being anti-French in the slightest, but I feel that when the Volt is shown for the first time to the public is should be at a U.S. show. For now we'll just have to continue to stare at the concept version (above).

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