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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why I Outta....USA's 335d Will Be Automatic Sedan Only

My joy over the fact that we are finally getting the potent 335d diesel here in the States has been somewhat dulled by the fact that it will be sedan/slushbox only. Was it too difficult to certify a manual 335d? Why not show wagon fans some love? Being a wagon-aholic I wanted a manual 335d wagon. Nevertheless at least we are getting a diesel BMW.

If I'm being completely honest, I'd really like to see four cylinder diesel from BMW hit our showrooms. Certainly such a car would not be able to pull a tree stump out of your front lawn like a 335d would, but you'd be thumbing your nose at everybody with your superior mileage and lower MSRP.

Model year 2009 will also usher in some styling changes and in car entertainment improvements but I'll let the good folks over at Autoweek tell you all about that.

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Mirko said...

There is no 335d, 535d or 635d in europe either. The 35d is the only engine in the 3-series lineup that's auto only.